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What is CoverHog?

CoverHog is a command line utility that will fetch album cover art from the internet for MP3 files with valid ID3 tags.

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CoverHog will search for a CD using info from the MP3's ID3 tags. The Album Title and Artist fields are required in the ID3 tag. The script will search once using the artist name and once more using the artist name and the album title. The two sets of results are then compared and the first match found is used to fetch the image.

If a directory is passed instead of a filename, the script will do a recursive sweep and check every MP3 file found. If a cover with the same name already exists in a directory, the search is aborted for the current MP3.


CoverHog is hosted by and can be downloaded from the project's File Section.

Although the program is written in perl, an EXE is provided for those who don't have perl installed.


perl: perl -i file_or_directory [options]
exe: CoverHog -i file_or_directory [options]

 -i file_or_directory : REQUIRED - MP3 file or directory to get cover(s) for
 -o output_filename   : output jpg file name [Default: cover.jpg]
 -v                   : verbose mode

Example 1 - Find the cover for Divided_Sky.mp3 in the same directory as CoverHog:
  a) perl: perl -i Divided_Sky.mp3
  b) exe: CoverHog -i Divided_Sky.mp3
Example 2 - Find the cover for Divided_Sky.mp3 using the full path to the directory and saving as album.jpg:
  a) perl: perl -i /Path/To/MusicDir/Divided_Sky.mp3 -o album.jpg
  b) exe: CoverHog -i /Path/To/MusicDir/Divided_Sky.mp3 -o album.jpg
Example 3 - Find covers for all MP3 files under the /Music/ directory:
  a) perl: perl -i /Music/
  b) exe: CoverHog -i /Music/

Note:CoverHog runs a little slow in batch mode due to all the searches and parsing involved. I kick it off before bed and let it run.

Copyright © 2004 Jeff Hoover
This program is released under the GNU General Public License